Did you receive our auto-reply to your email? Then we are on it!

If you did not receive one, check that you did not send the email to our noreply address and check also your junk and update email folders.

For most common questions you can find an answer here in our FAQ, e.g. Has my order been shipped?

Sending constant update request:
Our system prioritizes oldest emails. Asking for an update too often will only push your handling further down the handling queue, with every additional email that is being sent, and we never get the chance to reply. Hold on tight, we will get back to you!

Shipping related:
Sometimes it might take a bit longer for us to get back to you if other parties need to be contacted in order to solve your issue, e.g. the courier, but rest assured we will get back to you! If we need some clarification e.g. from a courier regarding a shipment, we cannot get a proper reply back to you before we’ve heard back from the courier.

RMA (repair) cases:
As with shipping related matters, we sometimes need to use and rely on other parties, e.g. service centers appointed by the manufacturer, and the handling can take a while before we have an update.

Please have patience and wait for us to reply.
If your case get’s solved before we get back to you, open the same email in your sent emails and send us a message that we can close the case. They are much appreciated in order to save time! 🙂

To find out if we sell any item, you can simply use the search bar on the top of our page.

You can search for item name, product category, brand, colour, you name it!

You can also search with partial terms, e.g. if the product is called Mega Brand Super Runners Mark 3, you can search the item with Mega Brand Runners, you do not always have to write the whole thing. 🙂

See also: How to order?

See also: Is the item in stock?

You can also search for an item by clicking a category on the navigation menu, and selecting the brand, sub-category etc. that you would like.

In case you forgot your password, please click the Forgot password button on the login screen.

Please click the button only once and wait for the password reset email to arrive. It should arrive within 15 minutes. Remember to also check your junk email folder.

Clicking the button more than once will send you multiple reset emails, of which only the last one will work. The new password is case sensitive.

You can always see the live status of the stock, just below the item price.

See also: The item is not in stock, can I still order?

If the item is out of stock, you can see the next known date when the item is expected back in stock below the stock status.

The stock is live stock, but can experience delays if under extremely heavy load during certain special sale days, e.g during Black Friday.

If you have ordered from us, then you do have a profile with us as per the shopping terms. Your user name is most likely your most used e-mail address. You can also login to our shop via Facebook.

Click “Login” from the upper right corner.

Then either enter your e-mail address and your password or connect your Facebook account in order to login.

A Demo version is an item that has been showcased. In other words the item has been e.g. on display in our lobby, and is therefore now considered used. Otherwise the product is as new, and will include all the accessories as a brand new item, unless otherwise clearly mentioned in the product details.

We almost brag about our product details being as accurate as possible. Well, even the king of the jungle sometimes steps on his own tail. If you notice any mistakes on our product descriptions please be cool and contact us so we can improve our service.

We never show information that has not been confirmed to us directly by the manufacturer or the publisher, or information that we have not personally checked.

If we do not show a line that other retailers seem to provide, that means we have not yet been confirmed the information or we might not have that specific deal included by either the manufacturer or the publisher.

You can see if the item is available as a new and or old version from the info text above the “Buy” button on the product.

If you cannot select between new and old, the item is new.

Sometimes you can also see the information marked clearly on the title.

And also on the product listing page already.

Shipping & Delivery

Your order must be placed before 15.00 Monday to Thursday (14.00 Friday). If the item is in stock, and the order is placed before this time we will ship the order the same day. Please note that the first shipping day is counted from the day after dispatch.

Of course if the item is not in stock, then the shipping time will be prolonged. Pre-orders will be shipped in accordance with the release date.

Once you receive the invoice to your mail, that indicates that the order has been dispatched from our main warehouse, and that the purchase has been charged.


You can always see the shipping time estimate right below the price on the product page.

*Please note that the first shipping day is counted from the day after dispatch.

The shipping time is currently 6-10 business days.

Example) You place an order on Monday, and we dispatch on the same day. Tuesday will be the first shipping date, and you can expect delivery between the following Wednesday and Monday.

NB) If you think you should have received the shipment already, check from your local Post if they have the shipment as odd shaped and sized deliveries might not fit through the mail box.

When you are logged into your company profile, you can see the current status on all of your orders from your order details.

There you can see if and when an order has been (completed, i.e.) dispatched, the delivery address, and the possible tracking.

Please note that some mail boxes might be too small for shipments to fit into. The courier might leave a pick up notice for larger or odd shaped items.

The estimated delivery time can be seen on the product page that is excluding weekends and holidays.

Don’t have a company profile? If you have made an order at our shop, that means you have a profile, as ordering without one is impossible from our shop.

You can check if your order has a tracking number via your order details. Shipments with tracking are delivered via Coolrunner (locally by Hermes).

If you cannot locate the tracking number, then your order has been shipped via Royal Mail (originally handed over to Post Denmark) as a First Class letter shipment. In that case remember to also keep an eye open for a possible collection notice from the post.

The local tracking can sometimes be missing international information due to the delivery company not updating their tracking info with all information. Usually within a few days the tracking will show information.

Most commonly when a shipment is between countries, the courier might not update the tracking information intentionally. Then when the shipment arrives to the destination country, the local tracking is updated.

Sometimes your shipment might be part of a bigger shipment, and until the mother shipment is dispersed into its individual parts there will be no visible tracking information for that particular tracking code.

e.g. A shipment issued in Denmark and handed over to a courier (not necessary the same as the local courier, not all courier ship between different countries) will carry the shipment to the destination country. During this time the local tracking services do not usually show any tracking information. Once the local courier gets the shipment, the tracking will show the local tracking events.

Sometimes the pre-information about a shipment having been created and inbound is shown as “EDI” or “shipment created”, prior to the local tracking information which will activate later once the shipment enters the local shipping network.

Welcome to the world of logistics!

In the case that your shipment is delayed due to a reason independent from us, there is usually little we can do to help within a short time frame or to hasten the delivery.

Sometimes the courier company might have a delay. In some cases the tracking info might be delayed, and your parcel is already waiting at the parcel center or they’ve already tried to deliver.

If your shipment is late more than 5 days, please contact us and we will investigate the matter.

To make general changes, click open your profile and click Addresses from the navigation menu on the left.

Now you can choose a specific address from your list, give them labels or create a completely new address.

You can also choose your default address.

If you want to change your delivery address for an order, it is possible as long as the item is not yet packed.

Open the specific order in question, and click the “update address” button.

If your order is not yet shipped or getting handled by our warehouse, then you still have time to change or update your order address. Click open the order from your profile and click the address change button.

If your order has been shipped to a wrong address, then we can only wait for the postal service to return to shipment to the sender.

Please see instructions in how to change my address.

In our company you can save multiple addresses on your address list e.g. home, work, summer house, parents etc.

The address label is the name for the address so you can identify it easily. You can choose an address to have your order shipped to navigating through the address labels.

You can look at When do you ship my order?


Yes, as long as the item is still in the same condition as you got it, you can return the item up to 14 days after delivery.

In order to return your package free of charge you will need to contact our customer support, and we will instruct you.

Item must still be as new, meaning that it must be possible for the company to resell the item as new. This means that games must still be in the shrink wrap, and consoles must not have been used. If an item is returned in a state that makes it impossible to sell the item as new we must either refuse to credit it, or offer to credit less than the full amount.

Items returned must be shipped in a safe manner and packaged in a way that ensures their safe arrival. Please read more about returns in our terms.

Our company is not liable for any unlabeled shipments without any identifying information regarding the sender or the order. Shipment received without any instructions why the shipment was sent to us will be treated in accordance to the shop terms.

So the premise is you got a free shipping label from us and sent the item(s) back to us.

The process starts by the items being first transported to our UK forwarding point. From the UK forwarding point the shipment will join other return and travel on a pallet to our main warehouse in Denmark. These shipments are sent on a weekly basis, sometimes even three shipments a week depending on the amount of returns.

Please note: Holidays can cause delays in shipments. During holidays shipments can pile up, and it can take a few extra days to resolve the situation.

Once in our main warehouse, our RMA department will handle the case as fast as they can. The handling usually takes between 1-5 business days.

When handled, you will receive an email notification. In a case of a refund or a re-shipment, the email will have a receipt enclosed as an attachment.
NB: You can see what action has been issued from the comment field on the receipt.

For returns you can expect the whole process to take about 3-6 weeks.

Remember to save the proof of posting when you send the items to us. The document can save everyone involved from a lot of headache in case there would be any problems with the returning shipment.

Yes, please refer to our terms.

If your LEGO product is missing a part or parts, please contact LEGO support directly.

If you had a stroke of misfortune and your product is not what it is supposed to be, you can return the product the same way as you would return an unwanted shipment.

Please see how to return the product free of charge.

If the defect is not clearly apparent, and requires an explanation to identify the issue, please include a note which explains at least the following:

  • A detailed explanation of the defect and how to identify it
  • How frequent the defect is
  • How to potentially “provoke” the defect so that it can be confirmed

If you get a package that has obvious signs of damage you should either refuse the package or open it while the carrier’s representative is watching. If the item has indeed been damage a claim must be filed with the freight company. Their representative will be able to assist you with this process.

It is very important that you do not sign for a package that has been damaged.

Another option is to refuse the package, which will then be returned to us and be credited.

If the damage is not apparent when you received the product it is very important that a claim be filed as quickly as possible. Typically this claim needs to be filed within 7 days.

Do you have problems with your Astro product. Read this first before reclaiming your product. Most of all reclaims on Astro products can be avoided using the steps below and you will have a well-functioning product. Often occurring errors are that your product’s firmware needs to be updated. Before reclaiming – see the information at

See also:…

If you received your order in a state which the product was not sold, i.e. it is missing parts, please contact the manufacturer of the item first. Most manufacturers want to guarantee the functionality of their products themselves. In some cases we are able to send the missing part, but for all cases it will not be possible.

Please feel free to contact us, and we will help you to rectify the mistake or to be in contact with the manufacturer.

Christmas is a lovely holiday, but sometimes it can be one of the busiest times of the year. Therefore the company has decided that you can shop in our store early before the big day, and still be able to return your purchases in case it was not wanted after all – e.g. if someone else in the family bought the same item.

All orders made between 22.09.– 23.12  can be returned up to until 31th of January. Just send us an email! 🙂

Read also our terms regarding more specifics about returns, e.g. product condition etc. The items has to be unused etc. and still in their protective wrapping with games, as with normal returns.

Naturally the right to return does not apply to download products. Products ordered on the 24th and later follow the normal return right policy.


The company charges the payment when the order is shipped from our warehouse. Orders paid with a credit card are charged item by item basis, upon dispatch.

Debit card payments will be authorized/reserved when the order is created.

In the case you cancel an order made with a credit card, the possible payment reservation will be released automatically by your bank.
Please check your payment card terms for possible payment reservations when shopping online.

For pre-ordering games, please see also early payments.

The receipt you will receive can have a statement “Payment on delivery”. It should state payment on dispatch. The message is from the automated system, which translates the word wrong due to the fact that there is most likely time difference between placing an order, and shipping the order. The system sees the actual shipping of the order referring to a delivery attempt, and therefore the receipt will state payment on delivery.

Currently our shop accepts only credit cards that have been issued within the UK.

If you paid with a credit card an order 30 days or more before shipment (e.g. if it is a pre-order), there are some things to consider.

Check with your payment card terms, in how much advance can you authorize a payment.

Usually banks only allow the authorization to be valid for 30 days, after which the authorization is voided unless the order is shipped within the authorization period. To prolong the authorization period, the payment has to be validated/updated every 30 days

If you have paid with any non direct payment transfer option, e.g. credit card

  • Remember to update the payment (latest) every 30 days
  • Last update being done minimum 30 days before release
  • Otherwise the payment will be invalidated by your bank
Please check your payment card terms for possible payment reservations when shopping online.

You can always check the status of the order via your company account.

If the status is “missing payment”, nothing is going to happen. See also how to cancel and order that is missing a payment.

Alternatively you can check your bank account balance to see if any payments have been issued.

Unfortunately not. The payment system is a bit rigid, and for your safety it does not allow to change the payment method to protect your banking details. The only way to “change” the method is to cancel the old order, and to create a new order with the preferred payment method.

In case your order got interrupted due to a technical problem or alike, the order process will be interrupted for safety reasons.

You can, however, click the order request open again, and merely update the payment without having to create the whole order all over again.

Click My Profile and then your orders. Then click the Update Payment button.

Yes, that is no problem. Go to your order on your profile. Click “Show order”. There you will find an option to make a new payment on the existing order. Clicking this will open a new window where you can enter the new card details.

In the company we want to be cool and show our loyal and great customers that we appreciate them. Therefore every time you shop with us you will earn company points.

The amount of points earned depends on the final sum of your purchase. The points will re registered to your account approx. 21 days after your order has been dispatched.

The points can be used to lower the price of your next purchase. Upon confirming your order click the use points button and we will deduct the price automatically from your purchase.


First check if you shipment has been dispatched. If we have processed your order, that means you will also receive an invoice (receipt) for your order. You should also have order creation confirmation mail.

Please remember to check also your junk mail folder.

Note also that some email providers use other filters also, and you might be able to find your order confirmation also under a label “promotional” or “shopping”.

The email may come from the address entertainment-trading.

Yes, as long as there is a buy button on the right side for the item in question.

The procedure is similar to pre-ordering the item. We receive your order, and it will be shipped to you as fast as possible once the item is back in stock.

See also when do you charge payment  and is the item in stock.

If an item is to be pre-ordered, the release date is shown instead.

If there are multiple sellers, currently out of stock items do not have a clear estimated delivery time.

In the case that you ordered more items that we had currently in stock, we ship the order partially to you.

We ship all items in an order independently, only bulk orders are shipped when the whole item quantity can be put together.

You can check the availability of the item by opening your order page, opening up the order details, and checking the details of your ordered items by clicking on the item in question on the item list.

Please check the following:

Extra spaces on the field. E.g. the postal number is usually of a specific length, and an extra space in the end gets rejected by our system as it sees the postal number being too long.

If you are ordering to a company address (using the company address field), make sure your name is not equal to the company name. In other words the order name and the company name cannot be the same character to character.

If there is a problem with the payment, wait a few moments and see if it will work. Most likely the problem will solve itself.

Up until the moment where the order is shipped/being processed, you can still cancel it.

In order to cancel an order, you need to log in to your company profile, and open the order.

NB: After cancellation you will receive a confirmation email. Remember to also check your junk email folder!
NB: It can take even 15 min before you receive the confirmation email.

Please note that clicking on a specific item cancels the whole item line, but not the whole order.
You need to cancel all the item lines if you want to cancel the whole order

If the order is not sent, and you cannot cancel it…
The order will not be sent unless the payment will be approved
The order will delete itself automatically in a few days
This way you have enough time to update the payment without having to create the order all over again, in case e.g. if your computer loses power in the middle of an order creation

No worries! If the order was interrupted for any reason or the payment failed, the order will not go forward without authorization from you. If the payment information is not updated within approx. 2 days, the order will delete itself automatically.

This is an convenience feature, where in the case of an interruption you can continue shopping without having to create the whole order all over again.

If the order is not sent, and you cannot cancel it…
The order will not be sent unless the payment will be approved
The order will delete itself automatically in a few days
This way you have enough time to update the payment without having to create the order all over again, in case e.g. if your computer loses power in the middle of an order creation

Are you looking to cancel an unpaid order?

If you cannot cancel an order then your order has been already processed by our warehouse, i.e. dispatched.

Order cancellation is no longer possible, but an order can always be returned.

Please read more specific information about the return right from our terms.
Note that code-via-email products have limited return right.

When you find an item you like or think that your friend would appreciate, click on the buy button on the right side. You have now added one (1) product in your basket.

When you have finished choosing and are ready to pay, click the basket icon on the upper right corner next to your profile icon. You have now arrived to checkout.

You can adjust the amounts of the products you have chosen with the X and plus buttons.

Choose your preferred payment method, choose if you would like to use your points, accept the terms and you are ready to go to payment.

Confirm your payment details and if everything goes smoothly, you have now placed an order successfully.

PS. Please check that your shipping address is correct and complete.

Click the basket icon on the upper right corner next to your profile icon. From your list of products you can subtract an item with the minus sign.

You can see if the item is available as a new and or old version from the info text above the “Buy” button on the product.

If you cannot select between new and old, the item is new.

Sometimes you can also see the information marked clearly on the title.

And also on the product listing page already.

Games and downloads

A Nordic version refers to items, which are localized for the Nordic region, including Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Most likely the language affect only the game covers, but e.g. most Nordic games are still in English. Some children games are completely localized.

All the games we sell are PAL and work in the EU region, unless specified in the product title otherwise.

Please pay attention that Nordic labeled electronic items have usually a 2 pin type EU plug.

You can check the available language options of your item, by scrolling down to the item description, and by reading the item specification on the right side.

Please pay attention to the title of the item and the region selection buttons on items with multiple versions available.

You can also check the product specifications for details.

The typical reason for this error is that the codes are printed in a manner that makes it difficult to tell certain letters and numbers apart. In some cases B and 8 will look very similar etc. Therefore you should try different combinations in order to make sure you have entered the exact code. If this does not help, then please contact the manufacturer’s hotline in order to obtain their assistance in activating your game.

Please contact the manufacturer’s hotline in order to obtain their assistance in activating your game. Usually a game which does not work is due to an error during a game update. Usually uninstalling the game completely, and re-installing the whole game from the publishers download service resolves the problem.

If the manufacturers support is unable to help you for any reason, then please contact our customer support.

  • Describe the error you have encountered in the mail you send us.
  • Attach a copy and the conversation ID of the conversation you had with the publisher’s support.

If you contact us prior to contacting the publisher’s or the manufacturer’s support, the first thing we ask you is most likely to contact them and then follow the steps above.

In the case the game is clearly damaged (e.g. a scratch) when you receive the shipment, then look how to return a product.

We have sent you an e-mail, so please check also your junk mail folder.

You can always find your download products from your downloads section in your company account.

First you need to find out who is the publisher of the game. After that you will have to use their download service in order to play the game.

Please note that the code that was provided to you from us, works via activating a product, not via purchasing a product. So please try the option to activate a product from the publishers download service.

EA ->
Ubisoft ->
Steam ->
Blizzard ->

You will find instruction how to use the services from their home pages.

Please check first that you have not made spelling mistakes on the code.

If the code still does not work, then you will have to contact the publisher/manufacturer of the game. They can provide help in case of technical problems.

As the owner of the product you need to contact the publisher. We cannot do that on your behalf for security reasons.

If there are still issues with the code for any reason, then you will have to contact our customer support.

  • Please include a screenshot of the problem message you encounter.
  • Include a copy of the conversation you had with the publishers support regarding the issue. Also provide the case number so we can identify the issue with the publisher.
  • Note your username/e-mail address you tried to activate to code to.
  • If the code is faulty, you need to get the confirmation from the publisher. We cannot do that on your behalf.

If you contact us prior to contacting the publisher/manufacturer, we will most likely ask you to contact them and then contact us if they are unable to help you.

If you have paid with any non direct payment transfer option, e.g. credit card

  • Remember to update the payment (latest) every 30 days
  • Last update being done latest 30 days before release
  • Otherwise the payment will be invalidated by your bank
Please check your payment card terms for possible payment reservations when shopping online.

We send release titles before release, so you should have it on the actual release date. Please be aware that the postal service does not offer any guarantee for delivery on a certain day.

All pre-orders are shipped in accordance to shipping time estimates from our couriers, and possible shipping embargoes or other limitations set forth by the publisher.

If you order games early, please pay attention also to possible limitations with the payment validation.

You can see if the game is available as a new and or old version from the info text above the “Buy” button on the product.