When you buy from the company, then you will always receive free shipping, if you buy for more than 24,99 GBP – no matter what size the items have. If your order is below 24,99 GBP, the delivery will cost 3,99 GBP.

Letter or a parcel shipment?
Our shipping system is optimized to send shipments automatically with convenience in mind. Your order will be sent either as a letter or a parcel, decided by our automated system.

One of the best feelings in the world is to come home and find your shipment in your mailbox. That is the convenience of letter shipments!

Additional shipping options
When available you will see the appropriate selection options on the checkout page.

Missing shipping options
Some items might have limitations on how they can be sent, and not all options might be always available.

Will the shipment be delivered to my home?
Initially yes, if you are not home when the courier comes to deliver the shipment or if a letter shipment does not fit in your mailbox the courier should leave you a note which tells you where to go collect the shipment at a later time.

Have your shipment sent to a business address
Receiving shipments to a business address is a really great idea! Select workplace in the checkout page and write the company name in the appropriate address field.

Can I come collect my order?
Unfortunately we do not offer collection from our store. (Collections from in store are only available in Denmark)